Hotel Del Coronado Family Photo Shoot | San Diego Family Photographer

As much as I adore working with little kids, there’s definitely something super fun about getting to work with a family of all adults! The same dynamics are there… siblings messing with each other, parents reeling everyone in a bit, etc, but they’re so fun to witness. I loved this Coronado Beach shoot!

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Crystal Pier Family Portraits | Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA

When I first started my business in 2009, I did a lonnnnnng scouting trip where I searched high & low for the best beach locations in San Diego for family portraits. The Crystal Pier in PB definitely is at the top of the list! The light here is beautiful when it’s sunny, but also beautiful when it’s overcast. If you follow my work, you know backlit sunset shots are my jam, but I love this family so much & we embraced the June gloom… and it paid off! Check out how adorable they are!

pacific beach family portraits.jpg

Pacific Beach Family Portraits | Crystal Pier, San Diego

I have two kids myself… an almost 3 year old & a 6 month old. My life is CHAOS. I absolutely bow down to parents with more than 2 kids; these guys are no exception! They are an awesome family of SEVEN (5 kids!) and they’re always so much fun to work with. The kids are always the perfect mix of fun and goofy while also following instructions like bosses, and I love our shoots together each year. We opted for the Crystal Pier in PB as the backdrop for our family portrait session!

san diego beach portraits

Penasquitos Canyon Family Session | San Diego Family & Child Photographer

It’s always so trippy to see families I’ve photographed for years & years. I’m always mentally picturing their kids to be WAY younger than they actually are, and I totally love watching families grow over the years! This round, we decided to meet at Penasquitos Canyon for our family session. Here’s a small selection of favorites from our shoot!

penasquitos canyon family photos.jpg
penasquitos canyon family portraits.jpg

San Diego Family Portraits | Penasquitos Canyon Reserve, San Diego

Penasquitos Canyon has been a popular spot lately, and I totally know why. It’s a great, rustic trail & open field location and gets amazing light. It’s super easy to access & park in, so it makes it a win in my book! I’ve been photographing this family since big sister was an only, and it was so much fun to see them again after a few years!

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