La Jolla Photographer | San Diego Beach Family Portraits

A lonnnnnng time ago, practically another LIFE ago, I did a Groupon deal. Back when Groupon was ONE deal per city for 24 hours. I sold 760, one hour photo shoots at a price point of $49. I only got to keep half.

I was INSANE. The whole thing was insane. I had my poor husband (only a boyfriend back then!) frantically emailing beside me; we spent about 12 hours straight in my mom’s office that day just trying to deal with the influx of people wanting to book sessions. That year was absolutely nuts. I put like 50k+ on my car driving all over the county in any given day, sometimes doing 4-5 shoots in ONE day.

The even CRAZIER part of it, is some of the people who spent less than $50 on my Groupon that day, have become my most loyal, amazing, and favorite customers!! I seriously have people who have come to me every single year, sometimes multiple times a year, since that Groupon (which was in 2010, by the way!). Every time I get to do a shoot with a Groupon client, it makes the whole crazy year (that’s how long the deal was good for) totally worth it.

These guys are no exception! I did their first sessions when these kids were TINY, and I absolutely loved seeing them again! We chose La Jolla Cove as our location, as we LOVE the variety it provides (and it’s dog-friendly!). Check out our session below!

la jolla cove family photos

Poway Family Photographer | Old Poway Park

Living in San Diego is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but as a photographer it breaks my heart a little that we don’t have your typical “fall” locations… no bright red or orange leaves and no actual cold weather that justifies the scarves & boots we all want to wear in our shoots! Old Poway Park helps fill this void a little for me! Even though it’s like a million degrees outside still, I love the orange & yellow leaves here, and combined with the railroad tracks, old train cars, and unique wood backgrounds, it kinda actually almost feels like fall!

I’ve worked with this family before & they’re just as great as they were last time! Check out our fun family photo session in Old Poway Park!

poway family photographer

San Diego Family Photography | Mission Trails, Santee CA

One of the coolest parts of my job is treating every session like a puzzle. There are always varying number of people, varying ages/heights of “kids,” and different personalities. A good photographer knows how to look at a group of people and figure out the best way for them to pose & interact with each other, and I always strive to be amazing at that, no matter what the group looks like!

This family had one of my FAVORITE dynamics to work with: an age gap between the “kids.” I am always obsessed with watching older siblings interact with younger ones, and I find it to be so fun to photograph. These guys did NOT disappoint! This was one of the most fun shoots I’ve had in awhile, and these guys were so laid back & a joy to photograph. Check out our fun, Mission Trails family photo shoot below!

mission trails photography

Carlsbad Family Portraits | South Ponto Beach

As a #boymom myself (and #girlmom too but that’s another day, haha), I love families with boys! I feel like I “get” that boy energy & I love doing silly stuff to make them laugh.

This beautiful family was visiting North County San Diego, Carlsbad to be exact, to visit Legoland, and decided to do a beach family portrait session while they were here! South Ponto Beach was the perfect spot for them, and we met for a quick 30 minute sunset session to commemorate their San Diego vacation! They had a blast playing in the water, skipping stones, and getting into tickle fights, and I loved capturing every moment!

south ponto family photos

Introducing Baby Henry | San Diego Fresh 48 Photographer

Have you heard of a Fresh 48 session before?? It’s a fairly new trend that I’m absolutely in love with, and I think it’s here to stay! During a Fresh 48 session, a professional photographer comes to the hospital within the first 48(ish) hours after baby is born, and captures some (mostly candid) sweet family moments! I have veered away from posed newborn photography in the last few years, and life with 2 little kiddos makes it too tough to do birth photography, so I am STOKED that these Fresh 48 sessions exist to give me my baby fix!

Sweet Henry was born to a great friend of mine, and I couldn’t be happier for her. He is already so doted on by his big siblings, and I can’t wait to watch this little dude grow up!

san diego fresh 48